Customer Testimonals


Carlos Schmidt

My name is Carlos Schmidt and this testimonial is for those people who want to buy property in Baja California. For us, it was a fairly long process, full of vicissitudes because not all the agents that they represent for the purchase of land or properties work honestly. I am not going to mention those people but after almost 2 years and a daily search we were finally able to get help through Eddie Alpuche who got us a very nice property, very well located, in good condition, at a very reasonable price with an uncomplicated procedure. We are really very happy that we are already in possession of the property; we definitely recommend Eddie Alpuche, because he is a professional, thorough, very honest and he does his best to satisfy his clients.


Ruben & Evelyn

We built our properties for rent around 2014 between myself and my husband; him being an electrical engineer and we both nature-loving people we constructed our rental properties with the ecological mindset of rock, crystal, wood, and recycled material. We built our property little by little and every single detail has our love embedded in it. We were approved in 2015 by a real estate agency to offer us rental management services, to help us get quality tenants that would appreciate our hard work and also to enjoy said properties. And that's how we initiated a great business and friendship relationship. We have the pleasure to recommend Mr. Eddie Alpuche; we have always been able to count with his support and help to find quality renters with much respect and appreciation.

BajaCasa Realty

Lydia F.

We contracted Eddie Alpuche to help us sell our property in Rosarito. During the time we had Eddie showcase our property he showed great professionalism, knowledge and readiness to help us in every way. He had professional video and photography taken and that helped tremendously to attract interest. We had a couple of offers that went nowhere from other people being represented by other agents none of which showed care nor etiquette. Eddie was able to find us a great buyer and the sell went as smooth as it could have been. We highly recommend Eddie Alpuche to help you sell your property.